About Us

Aekayana: A meeting place is a movement to inspire and connect with fellow citizens to share and rediscover our history, culture and traditions. Those practices which have now turned to stories and even missed to share with younger generations, is an asset which is left unattended. We envisage bringing it back!

By creating a platform which will showcase the rich aura of India, will explain its traditions and customs which were practiced and are even done today in some villages, introduce you to the artisans in remote ends who have strived hard for existence but managed to support and continue the local art through generations. We will bring you closer to experience the authentic flavours of classic India with virtue of customs and traditions and even let you transpire the satisfaction to other readers. Though the corporate India has very limited time to even put an eye towards its traditional customs, however these are our roots which when left ignored will suffocate and perish. We must do it now with support from our older generations to create a culturally uplifted ecosystem for the younger cohort. So let us be a part of this movement by sharing our experiences and stories on history, our culture, tradition, rituals to re-establish our glorious past.